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21.01.20 Di / Einlass 19:30 / Beginn 20:00 / AK 25,00 € / VVK 20,00 € (zzgl. Gebühren / inkl. Bus & Bahn)


Live Horror Storytelling Podcast im KESSELHAUS

2011 gestartet, ist der The NoSleep Podcast der weltweit erfolgreichste Horror-Podcats. Die Veranstaltung wird auf englisch stattfinden -  fair enough also, den Veranstaltungstext dazu auch gleich auf englisch zu verfassen: The NoSleep Podcastwill be bringing its live show across the Atlantic for the first time ever in January 2020. Founded in 2011, The NoSleep Podcast has become the most listened-to horror storytelling podcast in the world. With over 130 million downloads and counting, The NoSleep Podcast’s talented team of voice actors, producers, editors, and composers transform the powerful horror stories into an immersive audio experience.With three successful nationwide tours of America in 2017-2019, the podcast is ready to bring the captivating live show to European audiences. Each performance features stories never-before-heard on the podcast. With a full musical score and immersive sound effects, the NoSleep team will transport you into the terror which lurks within the dark hours when you dare not close your eyes.

Join David Cummings, Jessica McEvoy, David Ault, and Erika Sanderson as they perform original horror tales accompanied by a live score performed by Brandon Boone. Running 110 minutes, the show will feature frights and fun which will leave their audience sleepless.

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